At the Waldfrieden Wonderland there will be many shops and stalls to visit, which bring beautiful clothes and jewellery and take care of your physical well-being.
Below you will find a list of all the shops and food stalls. Our menu is purely vegetarian and vegan, so no meat is sold at the festival. In addition, organically grown food is used for the most part.


BARAKA – Falafel

Hello, we are a group of friends doing catering at festivals like, WOMAD Spain, BOOM Portugal, FUSION Berlin and many others, making North African and Middle Eastern food.

All our food are fresh and Home-made, nothing is resale.

Juiced UP

Fresh smoothies and juices that awaken the spirits of life.

Cafe Löschzug

Your coffee enjoyment should be perfect – cup by cup, variety by variety.

That’s why we rely on the highest quality:
This begins with the careful selection of the green coffees that we obtain from the world’s best growing regions.
Fair trade conditions and fair payment are our top priority.

We see our art in the creation of different flavours and taste experiences.
Discover with us what makes your taste buds blossom again: Aromas from chocolate-nutty to fruity-berry !

Napeiaarts Chill Out

Tea, snacks, etc.

Nice Fries

We make crazy fries for all hungry mermaids, pirates, dream dancers and night owls!

Patatas Mokü

As a trained cook I, Daniel Stern, have worked for a total of 14 years in various restaurants and seminar houses in Germany and internationally. From these experiences and my own enthusiasm for the festival, the idea of a mobile kitchen was born.
Together with my colleagues, I now prepare selected dishes and fresh juices at festivals and other events, both for crew catering and for sale.

I myself attach importance to what I eat, where it comes from and how it is produced. Therefore it is a matter of course for me to offer this quality also to my guests.
The ingredients are primarily sourced from organic farms and, if possible, from regional farms. The exclusively vegetarian and vegan dishes are freshly prepared on site.


Pilzwerk stands for sustainable and ecological food production, past the principles of the throwaway society and mass animal husbandry. Pilzwerk does not dispose of products or by-products, but uses them for the production of other foodstuffs and other products. The resulting cycles are to be interlinked and further residual material cycles integrated into the existing ones. Pilzwerk’s gourmet and vital mushrooms thus form the starting point for numerous other products.

The versatility of the mushrooms is amazing. Did you know, for example, that without the contribution of mushrooms there would be no bread, beer or antibiotics in our everyday lives?

Once you have become aware of the importance of mushrooms, you often can’t get out of your amazement. From symbioses between fungi and plants to the decomposition of dead organisms to the art of survival, we would like to take you to a completely new world, which hopefully will not only inspire you, but will also convince you with good taste and many vitamins.


Surya Restaurant

Gebratene Nudeln, Falafelburger

Thai Lao Delikatessen

Thai-Lao delicatessen brings you authentic Thai food with fresh, homemade curry paste and lots of fresh vegetables. Vegan Massaman Curry, vegan Pad Thai and Mangolassi – we are looking forward to seeing you!


Vegandalf leaves Middle-earth and travels the Wonderland! He conjures up a special kind of vegetable raw and fire food. His soy gyros from the huge cast iron pan with salad & sauce in bread are legendary. On request, this menu is also available as a plate dish with rice. In addition, one or two surprises await you at the stand… The magician fills up the visitors inside without animal suffering and looks forward to seeing you! If you like, you can watch him under the links below and accompany him on his journey. See you soon!



Textiles and handicrafts from Nepal

Creative Spirit

Rings, Pendants, Earrings, Chains


deepWEAR, the psychedelic LIVE print shop, prints your favourite shirt, hoodie, trousers etc. LIVE on site!

See how your shirt is produced in 1 minute, glows instantly and lasts a lifetime. You’ll find us at the entrance, opposite the boat embassy. We are looking forward to you!


Fraggletribe is a label which is already since 2005 in the psy trance scene. They are creating sophisticated outfits in different style like Steampunk, Dark Mori and fairy like witch and gypsy clothing. With Seres Clothing they founded another label which has a tougher look. Cyberpunk meets Star Wars.

Juggelin sun children

Juggelin sun children offers a original mix of funky clothing, handmade leatherwear, bras and silverplated jewelry, lots of juggeling toys and handmade macrame jewlery.

Jungle Shop


Discover new things, inspire, understand, do it yourself

Little India

Here you will find a lot of colorful things that have been collected on many trips through Asia. You will find everything you need: beautiful jewelry, clothes, colorful scarves and blankets, practical belt bags, incense sticks, pois, statues and much more!


We are one French couple who design and make tribal jewelry & clothing.
They are all with natural fabric and organic dying color. The print on the clothes are handmade by the « block print » technique.

Sachira Lightcrafts

Sachira Lightcrafts stands for modern arts and crafts: jewellery and decorative articles made of wood, metal & crystals, all handcrafted.

We are already looking forward to it, as it is always especially beautiful at Waldfrieden.


Tandava Tribe

Tribal Connection

Hello friends of colorful clothes. Everything your heart desires – jackets – coats – skirts, tops – and bags. Patches – T-shirts – felt and wool.