In spring we gather around the forest again to welcome the first rays of sunshine and dance our way out of hibernation in the fresh forest air. The Hai in den Mai Festival is the annual start of the Open Air Psytrance season.

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Answers to frequently asked questions about the Hai in den Mai Festival can be found here.

The site opens on Thursday at 12 pm. Camping is allowed until Monday at 12 pm!


  • Waldfrieden Psy Club
  • Main Floor: Outdoor Psychedelic / Progressive Floor
  • Backyard Floor: Outdoor Alternative-Electro / Techno Floor
  • Hill Top Floor: Outdoor Forest / Hitech-Floor!
  • Healing Area
  • Chill Out Area
  • Market Area
  • Organic Food Area
  • Fire Space
  • Performer Stage
  • Camping Area

Because Friday is a public holiday this year, we will start the party earlier and will already open the Main Floor for you on Thursday! The music starts on Thursday at 6 pm on the Backyard. The Main Floor will open at 8 pm and shortly afterwards the Hill Top and the Club!
On the Infield, the area with the floors, there will be a short break from 7-11 am on Saturday. Apart from this break, the area will be open from Thursday to Sunday. The party ends on Sunday evening. There will be no afterhour afterwards.

The camping areas at this year’s Hai in den Mai festival are very limited! We therefore kindly ask you to move as close together as possible when setting up your camps and only use as much space as necessary. Out of fairness to the others, please refrain from setting up a large camp and reserving space for friends who are yet to arrive. Together let’s ensure that everyone has enough space and that we don’t exhaust the landscape around Waldfrieden.


  • free shuttle buses from Lemförde & Rahden railway stations. (The schedule will be available here)

To minimize the car traffic on the festival grounds we have to take 10 € road toll for every vehicle driving over the area.

Camping Equipment you can buy from us or reserve in advance at Utopia Camping.

Answers to frequently asked questions about our festivals can be found here.


Tickets are available at the following prices, those who order earlier pay less. Otherwise the tickets do not differ! An additional trash deposit of 5€ per ticket is charged, which you will get back after the festival when you return a filled trash bag.

1. Early Shark Ticket 64€
2. Ticket 74€
3. Ticket 84€
4. Ticket 94€
5. Late Shark Ticket 104€
6. Final Shark Ticket 115€

Camping is included in the ticket!

In addition you can also book a pitch with electricity here.

Guests over the age of 60 do not pay admission.

Wheelchair users and guests who are severly handicapped and are dependent on an accompanying person do not pay admission for one accompanying person.

Line Up


(Psy, Prog)

Alice D Joanna ❂ Waldfrieden

Anneli ❂ Waldfrieden / Phantasm Rec (Sweden)

Artyficial ❂ Flow EV Rec (Austria)

Deep Køntakt ❂ Upward Rec

Discjony ❂ Upward Rec

Djapatox ❂ iDirty Rec

Drip Drop ❂ Harmonia Rec (Greece)

E-Clip ❂ Tesseract Studio (Bulgaria)

Greg Hilight (Spain)

Hatikwa ❂ Xonica Rec

Hinap ❂ Iono Music

Hirnlego ❂ WDG Music

HuGoa ❂ Upward Rec

Karyus ❂ Prog On Syndicate

Kularis ❂ Spin Twist

Le Loup ❂ Waldfrieden

Lufttrockner ❂ Waldfrieden

Lunatica ❂ Digital Om (Spain)

LX-D ❂ Zero-1 Music

Mad Maxx ❂ United Beats Rec (United Kingdom)

MagicStar ❂ Waldfrieden

Mad Tribe ❂ United Beats Rec (United Kingdom)

Marsu ❂ Anooma

Miss Butterfly ❂ Flow Rec (Austria)

Murus ❂ Landmark Rec

Naima ❂ Sangoma Rec (Austria)

NeuroLogic ❂ Ajourney Productions

Pantomiman ❂ Looney Moon Rec (Russia)

Raoul ❂ Waldfrieden / Blue Hour Sounds

Space Tribe ❂ United Beats Rec (United Kingdom)

Sun Project ❂ Stereo Society

Symeon ❂ Ecstatic Ritual

Vertical ❂ Parvati Rec (Finland)

Worf ❂ Paramystical Rec

Xian ❂ Synaptic Eclipse

4Motion ❂ Upward Rec


(Psy, Dark Prog, Forest, Hitech)

Alien Dosage ❂ Creatures of Darkness

Andyjaner ❂ Parasomnia Music

Antagon ❂ Damaru Records / Black Out Records

Biomekanik ❂ Quintessence Records

Corka’an ❂ Dream Crew Records (NL)

Ecletix ❂ Synaptic Eclipse / Another Reality

Freqtal ❂ Leik Tribe / Another Reality

Immunitas ❂ Zeakon Records

Jonny Crash ❂ Hi or Di / Drop Your Brain Crew

Jorine ❂ Glitchy.Tonix.Records / Padang Records

Kasatka ❂ Alice-D Records / Damaru Records

Kythera ❂ Synaptic Eclipse

Lecxz ❂ Synaptic Eclipse ❂ Another Reality

Mark Day ❂ Blue Hour Sounds (UK)

Mutterkorn ❂ Wummerland / Gaggalacka

Noitrik ❂ Alice-D Records (UK)

Pastor John ❂ Zulutunes / Damaru Records (UK)

Pixie Trap ❂ Electric Spin Records (DEN)

Raoul ❂ Waldfrieden / Occulta Records

Sequoya ❂ Sangoma Records

SuNdokan ❂ Persian PsyTech / Lucid Mind

Tersius ❂ Pralayah Records / Our Minds (ZA)

Worf Witchpimp ❂ Paramystical Records


(Alternative, Techno)

Adamson aka Alic ❂ Digital Diamonds

Amy ❂ Dr Vogel / Desire

Anders Svenson ❂ 4/4 Pakt

Ash Roy ❂ Soupherb Records (India)

Bass-T73 ❂ Waldfrieden

Daniel Krau ❂ Ketoga

Goyanu ❂ Tropical Twista Records (Brazil)

Jan Tenne ❂ Club Charlotte

Javiis ❂ Soupherb Records


Jonas Wahrlich ❂ DER HUT

Josephine Wedekind ❂ xXETEXx / Digital Structures

Kindred ❂ Kopfüber

Lampé ❂ Alula Tunes

Lou Nautic ❂ 4/4 Pakt

Maka ❂ Ketoga / Moyn Moyn

MeaBia ❂ Nachtwandern

Mehr is Mehr ❂ Wuza


Peter Groskreutz ❂ Alula Tunes

Sascha Flux ❂ Waldfrieden / Twisted Frequency

Stop & Go ❂ Wanderzirkus

Vittjas Tief ❂ Kopfüber

Windreiter ❂ Durgas Tiger School

Deko, Visuals & Performer
Centipede Productions
Main Floor

Sir Henry Hot
Main Floor

M1ndf#ck decorations
Hill Top


Psychedelic Dream Temple

Burning Circus & Lunatix

Healing Area & Workshops
More info soon!
Chill Out
Here you will find a place for retreat where you can recover your energy after dancing. The chill out spreads across several tents with fire spaces, seating, pillows, blankets, hammocks and chai tea. Relaxed musical backgroud will be provided both live and from recordings.
Forest law
You can only enter the festival if you are over 18 years of age with a valid identity card or passport. Juvenile minors are not allowed on the festival, unless they they are with their parents. Unfortunately we can not provide family camping so we do not recommend you to bring your children!
In Waldfrieden there is no place for racism, sexism, homophobia or any discriminatory behaviour and hateful ideology. This of course also means that nazis are not welcome here. Look out for each other. Those who do not respect these rules are kicked out, for example men who harass women.
To have enough room for dirty, tired and happy faces on the festival that will not appear on the internet please do not to take pictures of others without permission. There will be professional photographers taking pictures that will be uploaded here. If you appear on a picture against your will let us know and we will remove it.
Apart from the fact that other people may not want to be filmed or photographed by you, you don’t do yourself a favor if you want to capture everything on camera. The festival is a good time to put your smartphone aside and take a vacation from the digital world. Keep the good memories in your heart – not on a chip!
It is our desire to limit the damage to nature as much as possible. Therefor all of our electricity is supplied by renewable energy sources and we ask the food shops to sell organic food only.
Please help us to also keep the direct environment of the Waldfrieden clean by using garbage bags and pocket ashtrays. Also please use the toilets instead of going in the forest or elsewhere for that purpose.
Dogs are not allowed on the area. Unfortunately we can not allow you to bring your dogs due to spatial conditions of the nature reserve and the animals that live here.
Laser pointers, Graffiti & Confetti
Laser pointers must not be taken with you because of the high risk of injury. Graffiti, markers and confetti may not be brought to any of our events! It is simply too much work to get rid of the garbage and paintings. Confetti also causes unnecessary environmental pollution. If you are interested in participating as graffiti artist you are welcome to apply and contact us. However, it is not permitted to bring spray cans and markers with you without permission!

Waldfrieden Events